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Before and After Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Do you have stains on your teeth? Looking for a fascinating smile? Afraid to smile ? When you meet someone for the first time during your personal or professional engagement is look into their eyes, facial expression primarily the smile. The teeth will not go unnoticed.  We try to create an impression in our mind about that person, we all know first impression is the lasting impression of a person. One of the primary factor is color of teeth, In cosmetic dentistry we have many options available for the teeth whitening from using a specific brand tooth paste to over the counter teeth whitening strips. Of all these most effective is the in-office procedure, it’s not that expensive when you consider all the trail and error techniques you use. In-office teeth whitening if done by a professional you knows much more about the procedure and what works precisely. Dr. Alapati is a trained Dentist in Frisco, TX practicing General and Cosmetic Dentistry since 2004. Call for an appointment or schedule your appointment online.

Why does in-office teeth whitening is best of all the options available?

Watch the below podcast to learn more about the In-office teeth whitening.

Teeth Whitening Podcast

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