New Smiles Frisco – Saturday Dentist

Many of us living in Frisco are very busy during weekdays and specially with kids, work, traffic and work demands it’s hard to find the time or take off from work to visit a Dentist specially if it’s a preventive visit. In the long run it only leads to more health problems, recognizing this fact, New Smiles Frisco office is open on Saturday to meet the needs of Frisco Families for their Dental Health care needs. It really helps you and your families and eliminates the excuse factor “Oh! I don’t have time to go to a Dentist since I am busy with work”.  Call us or make your appointment online. It’s fast, easy and convenient. Scheduling an appointment takes less than 10 mins of your time and good thing is our scheduling application will provide you with available times, try it out. You will not be disappointed. While you are making your appointment, be sure to check out our reviews.