Dental Insurance Benefits Expire Annually

Your Dental Insurance Benefits Are Expiring

Frisco TX dentist Dr. Manjula Alapati would like to share with our patients & readers some important info about your dental insurance benefits.

Your dental insurance benefits expire at 12:00am January 1st, 2016.

We know it seems like summer just ended, but it was really Halloween…and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. Wow, time flies doesn’t it?

Pretty crazy, but we wanted to remind you about any possible dental insurance benefits you may still have available.

This is your money that could be used for an overdue dental exam, a filling replacement, root canal, crown or many other dental treatments.

With a simple check of your possible unused dental insurance benefits, we can determine whether you may be eligible for a free checkup & teeth cleaning, or more.

Frisco Dentist Recommends A Review of Your Insurance Benefits

As if you needed another reason to not throw away money by leaving those insurance funds unused, here are some special offers even if you don’t have insurance at all…

3 Ways to Save Money at Your Frisco Dentist:

  1. FREE Second Opinion/Consultation
  2. FREE Take-home professional Teeth Whitening Kit ($199 value for PPO Insured. New patients only. Only valid after recommended treatment is completed at our office.)
  3. $49 Dental Exam Checkup & Teeth Cleaning Special
    • Comprehensive Dental Exam with Complete Bitewings & Panoramic Digital X-Rays
    • Comprehensive Children’s Exam & Cleaning
    • Teeth Cleaning (in the absence of periodontal disease)

DISCLAIMER If you have insurance where a co-pay is not required, your exam x-rays & cleaning will be at no cost to you. If your insurance requires a co-pay, you must pay a small out of pocket cost. Cleaning offer includes cleaning & home care kit, does not include periodontal (gum) therapy. Call for more details & your appointment. We welcome New Patients to our office and also provide same day treatment. Emergencies are welcome.

Save Money at Our Frisco Dentist Office

You don’t want or need to whiten unhealthy teeth, and you don’t want to wind up paying more in the future by avoiding any overdue dental work due today – before your insurance benefits expire.

We are in-network with most PPO insurance plans and will file your claim electronically.

Call us now – or tomorrow if you’re catching up on email and it’s already after Midnight – at (469) 458-2035 for additional special offers and to schedule your next appointment.

We all have plenty of reasons to smile every day, but with a little planning you could save money while visiting your dentist in Frisco, TX.

Before the busy Holiday season comes up a lot quicker than we think it will, isn’t it best to be 100% sure you’ve used up every last fraction of a penny of your dental insurance benefits?

You’ve paid into them all year, and taking preventative measures – like flossing, brushing, rinsing with non-alcoholic mouthwash & seeing your Frisco dentist on the regular – will save you money on dental health care too!

Remember, any unused dental insurance benefits that you may have will be wasted at the end of the year!

Why leave money on the table that you pay into each month?

Contact our Frisco dentist office if you have any questions about how your dental insurance benefits affect treatment.

We can help you understand the advantages of ensuring ALL of your dental insurance benefits are maximized before they expire at the end of this – and every year.

Call Us Today at (469) 458-2035 to Schedule Your Appointment!

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